Karina Thrush - JAPAN
Karina serves with Word of Life Japan in the town of Karuizawa,
Japan.  She works as a cook at an English and Bible school as her
primary responsibility.  She also has many opportunities for discipling
the interns that come to teach at the school.  The students who
attend the school are high school graduates.  Some students come as
believers wanting to grow in their faith and English abilities and others
are unsaved young people that just want to learn English.  Due to this
variety in “spiritual temperature,” the staff have the great privilege to
share Christ with the students through teaching, testimony time and
just living life together.  Thank you for your interest in the work God
is doing in Japan!  Please pray for Karina and the staff team to use
each of the opportunities they are given effectively and to help each
student move at least one more step forward in cultivating a deeper
relationship with their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.