AMAL AND CAROL BEJJANI - Lincoln, Nebraska
The Bejjanis serve with the  
Missions Agency
Bejjani Ministry
From 1991 to 2003 the Bejjanis served among refugees in Jordan, during which time
they saw a church planted. The church continues today and has a wide outreach to
refugees. In 2004 the Bejjanis began a new work among Arabic-speaking refugees in
Lincoln, NE. This outreach has as its main platform a large ministry of helps, which
builds friendship and trust, and opens countless doors for the Gospel. Ongoing
ministries include: Bible clubs; VBS; ESL classes; friendship picnics; prayer groups;
home Bible studies; and an Arabic-speaking church.

Bejjani Family
Amal is a Lebanese American. Carol (née Vermaas) is from midwestern America.
Amal & Carol were married on May 14, 1988. They have two children, Amanda (July
20, 1993) and Matthew (August 3, 1997), both born in Jordan. Amanda is married to
Jason Bostain, from North Carolina.