Bob is a family practice doctor with a master's
degree in public health. Hope is a physician's
assistant with a master's degree in community
health education. They have been involved in
medical missionary work in Africa for over 20 years
now, in Kenya and Zambia. Soon they will be working
in Kenya on the HOPE for AIDS project. They will be
actively engaging in the training of pastors and
church leaders with respect to ministering the
gospel of Christ in an era of AIDS and will facilitate
the growth of trans-denominational coordination
and cooperation. They will also provide technical
training and expertise. Their ultimate goal is to see
the prevalence of HIV infection drop wherever the
Church has become involved, the name and
kingdom of Jesus Christ glorified, and many people
brought from darkness to light through faith in
The Carters are with the Serving in
Mission (SIM) Agency.
Bob and Hope have 4 children: Nathan,
Hannah, Josiah and Levi.

The Carter's birthdays are:
Bob - August 8
Hope - April 15
Nathan - January 14
Hannah - January 3
Josiah - January 21
Levi - October 9
Home Visitation
With Dr. Mwaka
Hope With a Little Child
Maasai Field Visit